Datrics updates

Release v1.0.1
New Design and Functionality

We're excited to share with you our November updates! The Datrics team is constantly working on the platform functionality to make it even faster and easier for our users. Enjoy Datrics platform new design and possibilities that will definitely save you time and effort.
  • Implemented Hyperparameter Tuning - now just by enabling this checkbox datrics.ai will automatically tune parameters for your model.

  • Model training becomes even more intuitive, train, and predict bricks are merged into 1 with an option to filter columns.

  • Now you can run your pipeline automatically on a schedule with the updated deployment tab.

  • Implemented new bricks design, it's now easier to navigate the pipeline and find the necessary bricks.

  • For a big pipeline, we've added possibility to group bricks and add titles to groups

  • In containers, like for loop and pipeline, we've added support for multiple inputs and outputs. Now you can create more complex pipelines and re-use them in others.

Check how it works on our youtube channel.
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