Datrics updates v2.0 | 27 June 2022

Boost your productivity while working with pipelines
on Datrics

June updates let data analysts run big pipelines faster, analyze the results on a go and create "ready to present" pipelines.
Run big pipelines faster without interruptions

Solving complex business problems may require resource-heavy calculations and cumbersome pipelines. New Datrics release lets data analysts develop and run one's solutions faster and without stability concerns. We have achieved the robustness of the process by decreasing the number of possible memory concerns and optimizing calculations.

In-memory calculations within the platform allow our users to run memory-demanding pipelines without stability issues by dedicating enough resources to the environment. Whist separate resources allocated to run deployed pipelines, ensure uninterrupted production operation.

Additionally, the complex pipeline runs becomes faster to provide the data analyst with time savings and the opportunity to do more experiments.
Preview data while pipeline is running

The user does not have to wait for the entire pipeline to run before previewing the results of the specific brick. To do a sanity check of input and output data, user may open the preview with 1000 rows of each dataset on the brick. One can compare inputs and output, and check out the summary. In case a deep look into the data is necessary, user may load full dataset, filter and sort data.
Use the grid to organize the bricks on the scene

Introducing the grid on the scene for users to arrange bricks. New setting allows the user to choose between building "free hand" to "strict" pipeline. Use the grid to organize the bricks neatly on the scene. Turn on the grid and define the size you are comfortable with. "Lock to grid" mode lets each brick automatically stick to the corner of the square after the brick is moved.
Unified typization approach within Datrics

In the new release, we have standardised data types through all the bricks where casting is done. The unification adds stability and clarity to the user when transforming data type is required. This behavior meets users' expectations, and smoothes the experience using Datrics.
UX improvements: increased accessibility

We constantly work to improve the user experience in Datrics. In the new release colour schema of the selectors and some elements on the scene was updated to increase the accessibility of the platform.
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