Datrics updates

Product updates v1.2.15:
share pipeline results, date difference improvements, and user experience for tables.

Datrics.ai team is working on multiuser mode for users to benefit from each others' work, and continue improving user experience.
Viewer mode on the pipeline scene

Results of the pipeline and deployment runs are available on the blocked scene for pipeline viewers. Users can check out the dashboards and metafiles of pipelines created by other users in viewer mode.
Update of the date difference brick

The result of the date difference now returns an integer value. Additionally, date differences may be applied to the dates formatted as integers. Casting to datetime format is performed automatically. The formatting of the input columns is not changed.
Loaders for the UI elements

Loaders were added to the tables on the pipelines, datasets views, models, and deployment pages to inform the users we are loading the data. The change provides clarity of what is happening on the screen.
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