Create credit-risk models without coding
Datrics helps FinTech companies build and deploy machine learning models without writing code. Analysts and domain experts leverage a drag-n-drop interface to enable self-service analytics.
70% time economy: template solution to create application scorecard - no coding required

Increase of risk-adjusted returns and risk-based pricing

Easy integration with 3rd-party tools

Full transparency and explainability for each model for regulatory compliance
Datrics capabilities in credit risk:
  • continuous variables binning

  • information value and weight of evidence

  • automatic feature selection and modeling, including gini and roc/auc assessment

  • apis created out of the box, scheduled deployments

  • application scorecard creation directly from logreg model

  • custom python code integration and dask under the hood
Technical capabilities
Connect and join your data (historical, demographic, transactional, credit bureau, non-performing loans, device meta-data) from different sources without coding

400+ hours saved yearly for each analyst: Automate and schedule data preparation and reports in a visual way - executable flows

Create better models and get encrypted APIs out-of-the box

Model versioning, comparison and reports

For modeling:

Use cases
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