We live in a challenging period now and it's important to move forward. Datrics team organizes online events to share knowledge and boost businesses' growth with the domain experts. We had a webinar devoted to AI's influence on the retail industry. In case you've missed it, we'd like to share with you a video recording. Our experts Volodymyr Sofinskyi, Ken Mazzrillo and Johan Lundin discussed the influence of AI technology on companies' workflow and its optimization opportunities.
AI automation advantages: an interactive talk with the domain experts
More about the participants of our interactive discussion:
Co-founder at Datrics.ai, proficient Data Scientist, and ML Consultant with 5+ years of experience.
Volodymyr is experienced in Machine Learning, Data analysis, data modeling, and has an extensive background in the financial and retail industries. During his career, he worked on banking application scorecards, credit risk engine in IB for the corporate bank, ML-related services for different banks and fintech startups.
Retail expert with a 30 year career in specialty retail focusing on operations, procurement, supply chain, and project management.
He has led processes for both direct and indirect spend categories. Most recently, Ken managed procurement for a global retail analytics technology company. Ken is a firm believer in the power of information and the value of effective data-mining.
Startup Ecosystem builder, Innovator, FinTech expert with over 10 years experience institutional Sales @ Pareto Securities Institutional Sales @ Auerbach Grayson
They were discussing the common issues in the retail industry and trends related to AI automation.
The video recording may be interesting for Retail and E-commerce Executives, Data Analysts, Inventory Managers, Procurement officers.
The problems related to inventory management: how to resolve issues with overstocking and understocking.

What technologies do retailers use for automation and optimization, are they considering AI or already use it?

How AI influences the marketing and sales departments in the retail companies?

Sales data is not enough for physical stores: why is required more?

The future of automation with AI

Tips and tricks of choosing a software/platform.

What is important for each type of business?

Ways of custom optimization in the retail
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