Datrics team has been working for the last month to enhance and improve the platform. Now we are happy to announce the release of our beta version (free access for sure)! In addition, we plan to have a free version available online even when having a chargeable version launched.

The functionality has been heavily updated and we are happy to bring even more value for automating your machine learning routines.
datrics.ai - early access announce
Fixed the bugs for "union" and "add column" bricks

Added additional modeling bricks, e.g. "linear model".

User onboarding as a step-by-step guide to create your ML application.

Missing values treatment - possibility to deal with messy data with possibility to use intelligent suggestions.

One-hot encoding to create convert variables to binary format.

New data previewer with a reactive column-based summary.

Enhanced model API to call the models created within the datrics.ai platform.

Two new templates - for classification (Titanic challenge) and regression.

Developed the dashboard functionality - plot your data and predictions, analyse model behavior with visualizations and stats.

Pipeline run: new notifications and messages.

Split data now supports stratification.
Our future template cases will cover sentiment analysis and customer analytics: personalization, segmentation, product recommendations, promo campaign management, inventory management, and supply chain analytics, price analytics and optimization, dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and credit scoring.

At the same time, we're working to add more graphs, semi-automated statistical analysis, and integrations with external data sources and APIs.

You are very welcome to try our platform and solve your analytical problems or make your first steps in the Machine Learning world (e.g. solve Titanic surveillance challenge!) - please sign up here.

Stay tuned!
The major changes include:
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