datrics.ai is excited to provide access to the Alpha release for the very first time! Over the last few weeks, our team has completed fantastic work by polishing and testing the functionality, which is now open to the public to solve real problems and provide feedback on the usability, request new features.

Our product is an end-to-end data science platform that offers the easiest way to process data, train, deploy and manage Machine Learning models without a single line of code.
datrics.ai launches a free Alpha version of our data science platform
What benefits does our data science platform provide to you or your business?
As Data Science enthusiasts, we want to make data-driven decision making accessible and affordable for everyone. The target audience for the first release is data&business analysts and citizen data scientists. We enable the creation of the applied data science applications in day-to-day work with the possibility to create ML models with our drag-and-drop "bricks". We're going to offer template solutions for industry use cases, with a first one ("demand forecasting") already available for users' benefit.
Your first try
Professional data scientists can leverage MLOps automation functionality when datrics.ai manages the deployment, auto-scales, and creates RESTful API to be integrated into the business processes. Our users can use first template for demand forecasting to predict sales amount based on historical data. To test our Alpha version, you need to upload your data and adjust the columns to create time-series model. As a result, you'll obtain sales forecasts in just a few clicks, as datrics.ai creates API and dashboards automatically!
Eager to receive your feedback
Please note that this is still Alpha software. There are some known areas of improvement we're already working through (e.g. integrating large files, visualizations, more processing functionality, simplified intelligent mode and dashboards). To provide feedback or questions as you navigate through the pages, simply click on the question mark in the bottom righthand corner. We would be delighted to receive your feedback on any issues you face using our product. Your feedback will help us optimize our software to become even more user-friendly and efficient. At the same time, we expect datrics.ai to bring you value today even with the Alpha version!

Stay tuned on the updates on further simplification and automation! Our differentiation and commitment are to focus on the creation of the fast, affordable and easy-to-use product that doesn't require days or weeks of learning to make the data work.

You'll see how you can easily solve the famous Titanic challenge as a template with our next update.
datrics.ai's appreciation for your response
As a small gift from us to celebrate the release, we would like to provide the first ten users with a free month of the chargeable version once it has launched in the next few months in addition to a year-long 50% discount. All that we require from you is to build and deploy the model on our platform and notify us about your experience through our website or platform support.

Upload your data and start using datrics.ai today!

datrics.ai Team
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