After months of flourishing cooperation, including the Digital Transformation for Banks: Trends and Challenges webinar we conducted together, we are proud to announce a new stage in our partnership.

We are happy to announce that Sigma Software Labs and have signed an agreement with the aim to strengthen on its way to success. We believe that this collaboration will facilitate and enhance joint activities in promoting the value of AI technology that offers the easiest way to process data, train, deploy, and manage Machine Learning models in production without a single line of code.
Sigma Software Labs and developing ukrainian tech business together
We also believe that agreement of both parties to work together will broaden Datrics' market opportunities in a vast Sigma Software network all over the globe and help young tech entrepreneurs from Ukraine to make the platform world-known.

Valery Krasovsky, CEO of Sigma Software, comments:

"These days many enterprise companies, especially during challenging times, are looking for new ideas and new disruptive technologies. We do believe will disrupt the market of easy-handling Machine Learning applications, and that would be an amazing add-on in Sigma Software's broad data-handling IT services and line of applied products."
Anton Vaisburd, CEO of, continues:

"Sigma Software Labs is an amazing project that enables young and ambitious companies from Ukraine to explore the international market quicker, get access to the board of serial entrepreneurs, who already established a number of successful businesses. Our collaboration will help get connections and access to the capital market of VC's and private investors. We are excited to move forward."
About Sigma Software Labs

Sigma Software Labs is a new ecosystem for Ukraine-based startups, small product houses, and service companies where they can be sheltered by a leading technology consulting company Sigma Software and obtain support and surpassing benefits to grow at all stages. Sigma Software Labs provides startups with office space, a network of VC funds, and access to Sigma Software's board network of business advisors – serial entrepreneurs around the globe. The project's idea is to help Ukrainian startups show up on the world scene.

About is a drag-n-drop AI platform: the fastest way to create and operate Machine Learning solutions. The platform enables Machine Learning for non-practitioners and automates MLOps for professionals within an enterprise. No prior learning needed, just upload your data to to make experiments, prototyping, and self-service analytics faster with template pipelines, create API and forecasting dashboards in a few clicks.
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