The Datrics team is happy to announce that we've launched self-service on our website. Now all the subscription plans are available from our pricing section where you can get acquainted with all the benefits for individuals. Moreover, you still can try our platform with the free tier.

We have also special offers for startups and enterprises to start leveraging full data potential and make smarter decisions right away. - self-service update
On top of that, a number of updates has been made to boost the platform capacity and improve customer experience:
  • Paid plans

  • Undo/redo hotkeys

  • Hyper-parameter tuning

  • Improved UI responsiveness and speed of big pipelines

  • New bricks:
- isolation forest model
- rolling function
- possibility to extract date in the new column brick
- new encoding brick (now 3 encoding options are available)
- for loop brick - now you can iterate through your dataset and train multiple models
You can check the Datrics subscription plans here -
Don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you choose the right solution for you and your business.
  • New dashboard for sales forecasting on SKU level
  • Possibility to create custom bricks and new CLI tool
  • Possibility to deploy your pipeline and run it by schedule
  • Pipeline in pipeline - now you can use your pipelines in other pipelines and structure your workflows much better
  • New industry templates - predictive maintenance and sales forecasting on SKU level
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